Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
Hospital108 for HMIS is ready to meet any specific requirement for BIG/Super Specialty/Multi-Specialty Hospital. Over 30+ different module available. Hospital108 is also integrated with doctor108 , pharmacy108 & diagnostic108 . Used my over 475+ Hospital in India & abroad.

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Front Office
  • Appointment
  • Central Registration
  • Walk-in Patient
  • Visit Charge
  • Token Display
  • Indoor Enquiry
  • IP Registration
  • Doctor Availability
  • MR Visit
  • General Information
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Staff attendance
  • Notification

Back Office
  • Ward Management
  • TPA follow-up
  • IP Billing
  • Revenue Management
  • OT Management
  • Discharge Card
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Messaging
  • MRD
  • Material Management
  • General Store
  • Counselling
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Mobile App
  • User access control
  • Reports

  • Assistant Dr Module
  • IP EMR
  • Clinical data analysis
  • OT Detail
  • Discharge Card

Hospital108 Express edition

A solution designed & developed for Specialty Hospital or Group Practising Doctor, where there is a need of HMIS but there is limitation to number of computers & beds.

Hospital108 Enterprise

A solution designed for hospital, where the scope of computerization is enormous, with customization & a vision of paperless environment.

Hospital108 Dispensary

A solution designed for Government or Corporate Dispensary, where there is a need of HMIS but limitation to financial aspects.

About Hospital108

Hospital108 for is ready to meet any specific requirement for hospital. Used by over 470+ Hospital in India & abroad. Integrated 36 Module.

Integration & Interface with Patient database

Important Assumption
  • Every Patient has a unique identification number.
  • Every admission has a unique identification number.
  • Printout can be set on lazer, inject or dot matrix printer.
  • All module are interconnected & uses same patient database.
  • Provision of multi billing series in OP, IP & Receipt.
  • Internet is required for patient communication module.
  • Database used is Ms-SQL Express which is free currently by Microsoft.
  • Hospital108 support any version of windows (tested till windows 10).
  • Excel export required Microsoft excel to view, & Tally export/interface require Tally ERP.

Central Registration Module
  • New Patient Registration
    (Name,DOB,Gender, Photo, demographic info, referral, etc)
  • Easy & Fast old patient search
    (Unique Health Identification (UHID) Number, Mobile number, aadhar card, referral by, etc)
  • Registration/Visit Charges
    (Category wise, Standard charge, Department wise, doctor wise, Specialty wise)
  • Appointment
    (Walk-in, telephonic, thru Mobile App)
  • Indoor Enquiry
    (Search, view, detail, location)
  • IP Registration/Transfer/Discharge
    (Admit under doctor, ward information, First Hand Information)
  • Emergency/MLC information.
  • Patient Queue Management
  • Printing Receipt, Label, Case Paper
  • General Information about hospital
  • Additional OP billing
  • MR Visit

  • Patient list User wise/doctor wise/specialty wise
  • Collection list user wise/doctor wise/specialty wise
  • Appointment/Visit List
  • New/old case analysis
  • Referral wise analysis

Token Display System
  • Waiting area display (OPD)
    (Automatic or Manual display of patient in OPD – Doctor wise, Specialty Wise, OPD/Room wise)
  • Specialty-Doctor availability
  • Floor/Ward wise IP patient list

  • Patient list User wise/doctor wise/specialty wise
  • Collection list user wise/doctor wise/specialty wise
  • Appointment/Visit List
  • New/old case analysis
  • Referral wise analysis

OPD Billing
  • Fixing charges patient category wise/payer wise
  • List of available Packages
  • OP Billing procedures, pathology, radiology etc.
  • Single or multiple billing series & receipts.
  • Credit/TPA billing.

Ward Management
  • IP Patient Registration/Transfer/Discharge/Vacant.
  • Accident/Emergency.
  • Category & Class of IP
  • Admitting, Treating, Referring Doctor information
  • Floor wise/ward wise bed creation.
  • Floor wise/ward occupancy or availability.
  • IP Patient Search/information.
  • Bed Transfer/Discharge/Vacant.
  • Bed wise/room wise/ward wise service requirement.

  • IP List
  • Ward wise/floor wise patient occupied/vacant list.
  • Admitting doctor/Category wise/TPA wise patient list

Due Billing
  • Posting charges while patient is indoor.
  • Auto/manual daily routing charges ward wise category wise .
  • Dr Visit/Procedure charge posting.
  • Investigation charge posting.
  • Provisional billing before final billing
  • Generate final bill from due bill

  • Indoor patient estimate for provisional billing
  • Ward wise charge posted
  • Department wise charge posted

Package & Estimates
  • Category wise / Class wise package
  • Estimates to patient
  • Convert estimate to bill
  • Package list & discount.

  • Packages & its benefits.

IP Bills
  • Clearance for all department (if required)
  • Bill to be create after discharge or otherwise (if required)
  • Generate bill from due bill or directly at discharge
  • Cash/Credit IP Bills.
  • Customized multiple bill print format
  • Once finalized, freezing of bill for edit.
  • Easy & fast billing through packages or procedures.
  • Adjustment of advance/refund against bill

  • IP 3C Register
  • List of IP bill
  • IP Collection register
  • IP pending register
  • User wise collection
  • Department wise revenue
  • Doctor/specialty wise revenue
  • User wise collection register
  • & much more

  • TPA/Credit bills
  • Approval & follow-up for payment
  • Multiple bill receipt against bill
  • Final adjustment
  • Bill Print as per format required.

  • TPA/Credit bill register
  • Age wise Pending register

  • Request from OP Bill/OP EMR
  • Request from ward / IP due posting
  • Easy reporting entry, approval & viewing by Dr/patient
  • Pathology machine interface.
  • Alert for urgent request from IP.
  • Outside laboratory integration.
  • One can have sub department under pathology department like
  • haematology, bio-chemistry, etc.
  • For more on pathology see Pathology108

  • Requisition, Status register
  • Collection register on pathology department
  • Outside laboratory payment register.
  • Billing, sample collection, report data entry, approval, report printing time analysis.

  • Request from OP Bill/OP EMR
  • Request from ward / IP due posting
  • Easy reporting entry, approval & viewing by Dr/patient
  • Machine interface.
  • Alert for urgent request from IP.
  • Outside Radiology integration.
  • One can have sub department under Radiology department like
  • X-Ray, Sonography, etc.
  • For more on Radiology see Radiology108

  • Requisition, Status register
  • Collection register on Radiology department
  • Outside Radiology register.
  • Billing, Patient arrival, report data entry, approval, report printing time analysis.

  • Medicine Master, Supplier master, Company master etc.
  • Order, Purchase, Sales, Department Issue, & IP Patient Issue.
  • Purchase Return, Sales Return, Dept. return, IP return.
  • Requisition of medicine from ward for patient & convert directly
  • into debit memo and issue to patient.
  • Stock & Accounts management.
  • Advance/Refund provision for IP Patient.
  • Credit Sales Bill & Receipt.
  • HIMS integrated accounting or independent accounting.
  • For more on Pharmacy see Pharmacy108 for hospital

  • Latest GST Reports
  • Purchase, Sales, Stock register
  • IP Sales register.
  • Expiry report
  • Department issue/return report.
  • Much more see pharmacy108 for hospital

Discharge Card
  • Easy, integrated & simple discharge card generation.
  • Import of information from IP EMR, Day to day treatment,
  • investigation detail, Operative detail, etc.
  • Course of treatment in hospital.
  • Provisional & Final Diagnosis
  • Treatment on discharge
  • Follow-up advice
  • Condition on discharge
  • Death discharge summary
  • Locking of discharge card once printed.

  • Discharge patient list
  • Death patient list
  • Report on condition of discharge.

  • Condition at arrival & condition at discharge
  • Vital parameters
  • Action taken in casualty
  • Allegation as per police requisition
  • Allegation as per the patients statement

  • MLC Register

OT Management
  • Multi-theater Management
  • Schedule, re-schedule or cancel the surgery
  • Maintain the current schedule of all the OT’s within the hospital
  • Reserving OT for surgeon/for holidays/for repair and maintenance
  • Search on patient name, operation procedure, attending surgeon, anaesthetists to know the details like bed/ward/room number, admission date
  • Available time for surgeon for a particular data for an OT
  • Schedule of surgeon, anaesthetics, nurses, paramedical and other technical personal
  • Pre-anaesthetic check-up, Complications
  • Notes: clinical, operative and anaesthesia
  • Options to enter actual resources, material and time used for surgery

  • OT Register theater wise
  • Material required for the theater
  • Staff required for the theater.

Patient Counselling
  • List of surgery/advice from the doctor.
  • Information to patient for packages & estimates.
  • Material to be used in the packages
  • Follow-up with patient
  • Follow-up with TPA for approvals.
  • Outcome of the counselling.

  • Counselling Register with status

Revenue Management
  • Using Doctor Code in all data entry
  • Assigning of percentage or value for each event.
  • Provision for multiple referring doctor, admitting doctor & treating doctor.
  • Assigning doctor to Standard sharing or individual sharing.
  • Identifying real profitability of each entry for the hospital.

  • Doctor wise revenue distribution report.
  • Bill wise revenue distribution report.
  • Department wise/item wise profitability register after sharing.

Instant SMS/Email facility
  • Provision of spot messaging or scheduled messaging.
  • Registering available URL.
  • customizable SMS/email templates for each event/entry in the system
  • Highly used for Patient on registration, referring doctor, appointment, IP registration, IP discharge, OT Registration.
  • Additional provision of sending messages to doctor & other staff in the hospital.
  • Message of OP/IP collection, IP patient count, or department wise collection to Management on schedule basis.
  • Message on revenue distribution.
  • Pathology report message to patient/treating doctor/admitting doctor.
  • Follow-up reminder message to patient.

  • Status report for message delivered.

General Store
  • Important module in the HMIS
  • Item master, department wise, item-department link for easy access.
  • List of item available on consignee basis.
  • Store wise, department wise minimum stock position.
  • Department wise requisition, issue & acceptance
  • Approval for requisition, vendor wise price comparison, Purchase order, multiple GRN, GRN to purchase bill, GRN return or purchase return.
  • Purchase order with necessary terms & condition on GST, supply, & payments.
  • Main store & department wise stock management.
  • Issue of material to patient on chargeable or consumption basis.
  • Tracking of expiring stock.
  • Schedule of payment to suppler.

  • Store wise, department wise stock position
  • PO, Purchase register.
  • Expiry register
  • Payment register
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Item ledger

Ancillary Module
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment movement with requisition & approval if required,
  • CSSD
  • Linen & Laundry management.
  • Licence expiry notification & concern authority

  • Equipment register.
  • Licence register.
  • Service contract register.
  • Equipment wise movement register.

Ambulance Management
  • Ambulance registration
  • Ambulance booking for patient with necessary detail
  • Ambulance wise staff, doctor, nurse assignment.
  • Detail of material in ambulance link with general store.
  • Ambulance advances, billing & refund.
  • Blocking for maintenance.

  • Ambulance wise booking register
  • Ambulance bill register

HR & Payroll
  • Staff requisition, approval, recruitment & registration.
  • Assigning staff to department with designation.
  • Salary classification of each staff.
  • Multiple company for staff management
  • Allocation of duty to staff.
  • Biometric registration & attendance management.
  • Holiday & leave management with higher authority approval.
  • Appraisal & note on staff.
  • Salary generation.
  • Staff exit details.
  • Staff ID card generation.

  • Department wise staff register.
  • Duty & attendance register.
  • Over time register.
  • Salary register.
  • Leave register.

Visitor Management
  • Visitor pass allocation
  • Provision of photo identification.
  • Entry & Exit detail.
  • Medical Representative restriction & booking.

  • Visitor register.
  • MR booking register.

  • Bill to bill or multi-bill Receipt entry
  • Cash entry, Bank entry, JV entry
  • Posting of OP bills, IP bills, advance, refund to accounting system & locking of bill there after.
  • Transfer of bill billing group wise.
  • JV entry of bills for doctor payment based on there assigned charges of sharing.
  • GST reports.
  • Trial balance.
  • Profit & loss statement.
  • Balance Sheet.

  • Ledger
  • 3C register OP, IP
  • Account group wise balance
  • Outstanding report.

Tally Interface
  • Linking of account in hospital108 with Tally ERP.
  • Mapping & defining day book that need to transfer into Tally.
  • Locking of bills after Tally transfer.
  • Doctor payment revenue distribution posting into Tally.

  • List of bill ready to transfer into tally.
  • List of revenue distribution ready to transfer into tally.

Canteen Management
  • Canteen can be independent or linked with HMIS.
  • Link with IP patient & relatives.
  • Cash billing & Credit billing for IP patient.
  • Price contract with hospital.
  • Order, Purchase, Billing, Return, Credit billing
  • Canteen daily requirement & material requisition.
  • Table management for walk-in customer.
  • Payment & Receipt.

  • Purchase, Sales Register
  • Daily consumption & requisition register
  • IP patient wise bill register
  • GST Register
  • Account ledger

Camp Management
  • Camp master with van number, assign staff & doctor
  • Medicine issued to VAN
  • Recording vital parameters like weight, height, BP, Blood sugar etc.
  • Patient register in camp, primary complain, examination & treatment given, investigation advice & follow-up advice.
  • Pulling camp data into main HMIS as and when required.

  • Patient register
  • Medicine issued register
  • Investigation register
  • Clinical data analysis

Diet Management
  • Diet assigned by dietician to IP patient.
  • Standard diet master for entire day for every week.
  • Altering diet for IP patient.
  • Diet to be followed on discharge.

  • IP patient wise diet register.
  • Quantitative diet summary.

Asst. Dr./Technician
  • List of patient waiting at reception
  • History taking
  • Vital Parameter of Paediatric like Height, Weight, Head circumference, temperature etc.
  • Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
  • Any Drug Allergy to Patient
  • Complain & Primary Examination
  • Vaccination History & detail
  • Other information relevant to specialty.

  • Patient waiting time analysis.

Click here to view ready to use specialty EMR with HMIS
(In addition to Asst. Dr.)
  • List of Waiting Patient on Reception or Asst. Dr.
  • Vital Parameters like weight, height, BP, Blood Sugar etc.
  • History taking, Complain & Examination as per physician
  • Diagnosis according to Physician
  • Treatment/Medicine according to Physician
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to Physician which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
  • General Advice, Investigation advice to Patient
  • Doctor can check availability of medicine in pharmacy & also prescription goes directly to pharmacy.
  • Admission request from OPD
  • One can use doctor108 for Rx-Writer for easy e-prescription.
  • Rx Print in Multi Language
  • Link with pharmacy108, doctor108 & diagnostic108.

  • Patient waiting time analysis.
  • Clinical data analysis on diagnosis, treatment given & investigation.
  • Dr. wise OP patient list.

  • Select patient from Indoor patient list
  • Vital Parameters like weight, height, BP, Blood Sugar etc.
  • Clinical History on admission.
  • Customized IP Sheet for daily/hourly vitals, Input-Output Chart
  • Treatment Chart
  • Investigation Chart
  • Day to day Complain, Examination & Treatment
  • Provisional & Final Diagnosis 
  • Schedule Investigation & Advice
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice for fast retrievals.
  • General Advice, Investigation advice to Patient
  • Prescription goes directly to pharmacy.
  • Viewing of treatment administered & investigation report.
  • Link with pharmacy108 & diagnostic108.

  • Patient waiting time analysis.
  • Clinical data analysis on diagnosis, treatment given & investigation.
  • Dr. wise OP patient list.

Patient feedback
  • Question / Answer master
  • Generation of Question-Answer for various event in hospital like Registration, Discharge, etc.
  • This can be set on web-site or sent link to patient mobile app. for feedback.
  • Feed back can be done in multi-lingual.

  • Question-Answer analysis

Why Hospital108?

First dedicated healthcare company of INDIA. Since 1996.
First to introduce windows based healthcare software in 1997.
Vertical & Specialty based software.
Rx/advice/pre-post operative instruction in multi-lingual language.
Software based on one screen concept.
Over 25,000 client installation.
Integrated Pharmacy software, Optical Software & Mobile App.
Upgrade every 6 month.

Request call back for demo & more details

Front Office (One Screen Concept)
  • New Patient Registration
  • Easy Old Patient Search
  • Appointment & Walk-in Patient entry
  • Link with Mobile App for appointment
  • Front Desk Billing
  • Case Paper Generation
  • Label/Barcode Printing
  • Waiting Alarm at two level
  • Token Display System
OP Billing
  • OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
  • Procedure/TPA/Corporate billing.
  • Form 3C Register
  • Receipt
  • Collection Reports
IP Billing
  • Ward Management (optional)
  • Provisional & Final IP Billing (Cash/Credit)
  • Advance/Refund
  • Discharge Card
  • Receipt
  • TPA/Corporate follow-up
IP – EMR (One Screen Concept)
  • First Hand Information
  • Indoor Details
  • Provisional / Final Diagnosis is ICD
  • Day to day Treatment
  • Investigation Detail
  • Discharge Card
  • Follow-up advice
Mobile App (Doctor108)
  • Today’s Appointment/Patient Visit
  • View Patient History
  • OT Schedule
  • Collection Register
  • Broadcast Message
  • Gallery
  • Profile Editing
Messaging (SMS/Email)
  • Auto/Manual Message setting for
  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Thanks to patient referral
  • Indoor Registration
  • OP Billing
Back Office - Module
  • Ward Management
  • Discharge Card
  • Vaccine Management
  • Doctor/Reference Directory
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Thanks & Referral letter
  • Holiday Management
  • User & Rights Management
  • Reports
  • Scheduled SMS/email
  • Backup & Restore
  • Sync to Online Mode for mobile communication
Mobile App (Rx108)
  • Profile
  • Family Detail
  • Visit to Doctor/hospital
  • My favourite doctors
  • My favourite Pharmacy
  • My favourite diagnostic
  • Alerts
Sample Printout
  • OPD Bill
  • Sample Rx – Full
  • Sample Rx – Treatment
  • Glass Rx
  • IP Bill – Cash
  • IP Bill – Corporate
  • Discharge Card
  • 3C Register – OP
  • 3C Register – IP
OPD EMR (One Screen Concept)
Assistant Doctor/Technician module
  • List of patient waiting at reception
  • History taking
  • Vital Parameter of Eye
  • Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
  • Any Drug Allergy to Patient
  • Complain & Primary Examination
  • Vaccination History & detail
  • Growth Velocity
OPD Clinical Records
(In addition to asst. dr/tech. part)
  • List of Waiting Patient at Reception or Asst./Tech.
  • Complain according to Ophthalmologist
  • Examination according to Ophthalmologist
  • Personal/Family History of Patient
  • Diagnosis according to Ophthalmologist
  • Treatment/Medicine according to Ophthalmologist
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to Ophthalmologist which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
  • General Advice to Patient
  • Investigation Advice to Patient
  • Analysis after Investigation
  • Vaccine Administered
  • Next Visit Plan
  • Attach Image/Document of patient
  • Education to Patient according to Ophthalmologist
  • Complete History of Patient's Visit on Single Click
  • Rx Print in Multi Language with Customization according to Dr's Letter Pad
  • Reminder/Alert on Patient Visit
  • Stock Information of Medicine(Connect with our Pharmacy Software)
  • Today's Checked Patient List
Sample Videos
Mobile App