What is Rx108

Till date we have developed software for full functionalities of vertical software. Now is the era of mobile app & it is becoming need of every services.

Not to forget in our case in Healthcare service, patient is most important. Success of apps depends on their acceptability by patient. We need to have an patient app first which is light, easy to use & full functionality of healthcare services.

What should be there in Patient APP?
  • 1. Patient Profile
  • 2. Family Profile
  • 3. List of medical services in any area like doctors, Hospital, pharmacy, diagnostic & healthcare shopping
  • 4. Patient can connect with his/her favorites doctor, pharmacy, hospital & diagnostic center.
  • 5. Patient can book/manage appointment with doctors.
  • 6. Patient can place order of medicines to preferred pharmacy
  • 7. Patient can place lab/radiology request & can view reports
  • 8. Patient can view various healthcare bills received by doctor, pharmacy, hospital, diagnostic center
  • 9. Patient can manage vitals like height, weight, BP, PBS, FPBS date wise.
  • 11. Patient can explore various healthcare products
  • 12. Healthcare news & views.

We have software for doctors, hospital, diagnostic & pharmacy. We have over 1,00,000+ healthcare professional using these product. To support these software, we developed respective APP that talks with patient app.

Helps Patient to Connect with Doctor, Hospital, Diagnostic & Pharmacy.

Helps Doctor to Manage their Profile, View Appointments, Manage Indoor Patient, Manage OT/Procedure Schedule, & View Patient History

Helps Pharmacy to Manage Medicine stock, where pharmacy receive online order, billing etc

Helps Diagnostic center to manage Patient Request, send reports to patient & doctors.

Helps hospital to broadcast facilities in hospital, schedules of doctors & patient request.

Helps Supplier/distributor to upload product & offers, Connect with retailers, book order, & collect payment.

Rx108 for Patient

  • Register with patient mobile number.
  • Once registered you can access Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy, & Diagnostic registered under different Rx108 mobile APP.
  • You can also include your Family Medical Detail.
  • Exploring nearby doctor/hospital & getting connected.
  • Exploring nearby pharmacy & getting connected.
  • Exploring nearby diagnostic & getting connected.
  • Appointment with doctor.
  • Visit detail, Vitals, & Viewing Prescription.
  • Ordering medicine to pharmacy & viewing bills.
  • Investigation request & report view.
  • Exploring healthcare shopping.

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Rx108 for Doctor

  • Manage your profile by registering with Doctor APP.
  • Link with EMR Software for doctors.
  • Detail Profile of Doctor
  • Attach with favorite hospital, pharmacy & diagnostic.
  • Manage Appointment schedule & blocking if needed.
  • Easy Patient visit detail entry, accessing history.
  • Visit detail, Vitals, & Viewing Prescription.
  • Appointment list, OT list, In-Patient list, Collections (optional).
  • Viewing investigation reports.
  • Viewing necessary medical information.

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Rx108 for Pharmacy

  • Manage your store online by registering with Pharmacy APP.
  • Pharmacy Profile.
  • Link with pharmacy software.
  • Product upload & offers.
  • Receive orders from patient.
  • Billing & Delivery of medicine to patient.
  • Favorite Distributors
  • Viewing distributors offers & placing orders.
  • Distributor order status.
  • Importing Distributor Bill as purchase bill in the software directly.
  • Pharmacy financial status (optional).

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Rx108 for Supplier/Distributor

  • Registering with Distributor APP.
  • Link with Distributor & CNF Software.
  • Distributor profile.
  • Product upload & offers.
  • Assigning APP to sales man for order.
  • Receiving order from pharmacy or salesman.
  • Approval, Bill upload, ledger upload.
  • Payment collection by salesman.
  • Upload of MR Stock statement report.
  • Distributor financial status (optional).

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Rx108 for Hospital

  • Registering with Hospital APP.
  • Linked with Hospital Software.
  • Complete Hospital Profile like doctors, beds, services etc.
  • Attaching doctor, OT & other service for appointment.
  • In-Patient list with doctor & patient access.
  • Doctor visit details, service detail & payment alerts.
  • Treatment, investigation request/advice by doctors.
  • Viewing investigation reports by doctor & patient.
  • Hospital financial status for admin/doctor (optional).
  • Billing approvals, discount approval, & Discharge.
  • Please call for more information

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Rx108 for Diagnostic

  • Registering with Diagnostic APP.
  • Link with pathology, radiology, diagnostic software.
  • Pathology/radiology/diagnostic Profile.
  • Product investigation upload & offers.
  • Assigning patient request to collection center/person.
  • Direct/indirect report upload.
  • Test/report analysis over period of time.
  • Alert to patient for routine checkup.
  • Analysis on request by doctor, hospital.
  • Diagnostic Center financial status (optional).

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Rx108 review

Visual Infosoft Private Limited

General Store

Kishan Parmar Ahmedabad

Awesome Software.

Awesome software. It's easy to use and also it has a good look and feel. I would refer this software to my friends and family. But there is one con regarding this software that it takes high internet usage and also crashes sometimes.

New Skin Cilinic


Dr. Nikita Tiwari Paldi, Ahmedabad

Best Hospital Management Software

It is a good software to use for a Hospital Management, User Friendly and also it is very recommendable to maintain the records without any paper works and also easy to maintain.

Shivam Hospital


Dr. Rakesh Parmar Motera, Ahmedabad

One of the Best Feature!!!

Visual Hospital Management Software has been a major innovation for our group of hospitals and clinics that has ultimately allowed us to serve our patients more efficiently with help of numerous modules such as Inventory Control,