Optical Distributor Software

Supply108 for Optical Distributor Software is ready to meet any specific requirement for any Optical Distributor . Used my over 20000+ Distributor/Supplier in India & abroad.

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Scope of Supply108 For Optical Distributor Software

Inventory Management
GST & Accounting
Item, Company, Area, District, State wise analysis
Multi-Branch Management
Party ledger, order, Company stock statement on web/app.
Mobile App for order taking, offers, scheme & collection

Key Features of Supply108 For Optical Distributor Software

Master Database
  • Product master creation with all necessary information, images & barcode.
  • Region wise Party/customer master creation.
  • Price list master, special price for specific customer/category.
  • Area wise Salesman/deliveryman master with commission offered on various product.
  • Create new item, company, account, supplier, customer, etc

Primary Stock Entry
  • Easy opening stock entry
  • Or provision of transferring master &/or transaction database from existing software
  • Auto stock adjustment if required.

  • Item wise barcoding or company barcoding.
  • Batch/Transaction wise barcoding.

Order Processing
  • Easy order processing on previous day sales, minimum stock limit or on requisitions.
  • linked with supplier app to show various offers by supplier on products.
  • Directly sending of order to supplier
  • Purchase order generation if required.

  • Easy order processing on previous day sales, minimum stock limit or on requisitions.
  • Provision of GRN/Purchase Challan
  • Comparison of price from previous purchase.
  • Import purchase entry directly from order or from standard format provided by supplier.
  • Purchase Return

  • Easy & fast sales billing manually or barcode or from order received through Mobile APP.
  • Substitute product with price & stock information on just single click.
  • Easy billing from Refill from routine customer.
  • Fixing of pricing for specific customer type.
  • Sending Bill as message on customer mobile or APP.

Scheme/Sales Offer Master
  • Creation of various sales offer to support business.
  • Reflecting of such offer while billing.
  • Easy rate change facilities.
  • Margin analysis of such offer.

Commission Management
  • Fix Commission for sales man &/or advt. agency.

Customer Master
  • Provision of create customer card linked with mobile number
  • Sending of offers as per card type.
  • Email/SMS Marketing
  • Understanding customer spending & purchase behaviour.
  • Management Reports

Simple Production Plan
  • Some retail business require Purchased item/semi-finished product for creation of new products.
  • Generating item, barcode, stock effect for such products.
  • Simplified production module
  • Job work entry, costing, price fixing & delivery.
  • Outward of material / Inward of finished product, barcoding for sales.

GST Reports
  • Easy & systematic tax structure to support GST
  • Automatic GST report generation
  • Integration with GSTIN portal of government of India.
  • Support continuous changes required by GST

Expiry Management
  • Easy generation of expiry reports
  • Converting Expiry into Purchase return.
  • Flashing of Expiry while making of sales bill

Accounts Management
  • In-build complete accounting system till balance sheet.
  • or Transfer to third party software like TALLY.

Important Reports
  • Profile Margin (Bill wise, item wise, company wise)
  • Purchase Reports (Full, Supplier wise, Company Wise)
  • Sales Report (Full, Customer Wise, Company Wise)
  • Expiry Report (Full, Supplier Wise, Company Wise)
  • GST Reports
  • Various comparison reports on weekly, monthly, yearly basis

Mobile App Rx108 for Salesman
  • Upload products
  • Upload & manage offers & schemes
  • Salesman to book order for retailers.
  • Delivery status of order by delivery man.
  • View customer Ledger & pending bills.
  • Collection for pending bills from customer.
  • Receive order in software & in mobile app
  • View bill directly in app
  • View customer sales, purchase, order, delivery status on mobile app.

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Distributor108 for Optical Distributor Software Review

Visual Infosoft Private Limited

General Store

Kishan Parmar Ahmedabad

Awesome Software.

Awesome software. It's easy to use and also it has a good look and feel. I would refer this software to my friends and family. But there is one con regarding this software that it takes high internet usage and also crashes sometimes.

New Skin Cilinic


Dr. Nikita Tiwari Paldi, Ahmedabad

Best Hospital Management Software

It is a good software to use for a Hospital Management, User Friendly and also it is very recommendable to maintain the records without any paper works and also easy to maintain.

Shivam Hospital


Dr. Rakesh Parmar Motera, Ahmedabad

One of the Best Feature!!!

Visual Hospital Management Software has been a major innovation for our group of hospitals and clinics that has ultimately allowed us to serve our patients more efficiently with help of numerous modules such as Inventory Control,